Hello, Welcome to refresh web.

Hi, My name is William Vincent and I specialise in refreshing websites. I will help you make your website look modern, safe and secure. I will use the same content from your old website and give you a website which you can update and change very easily.

Your website will automatically resize to work on any device. All you have to do is tell me three websites that you like the look of and I will create your site using these as inspiration.

This is my first job, I am 12 years old! And I am saving up for a gaming pc. I hope to earn £1000 over the summer holidays. I’m doing two things to earn your trust:

1. you don’t need to pay me a penny until your website is live

2. you decide exactly how much you want to pay me when the job is done!

I know it might be a bit scary that a 12 year old is looking after your website. I wanted you to know that my Dad is here to help me if I need it. He’s been designing websites since 1998!

I expect you’re thinking, what’s the catch? And the catch is, there isn’t one! I need the experience and won’t have much else to do this summer. You decide how much the refresh is worth and pay £15 a month to host your website on my dads servers.

Just fill out the form below and I will get started on your site!